Benefits of personal training

    • improved flexibility
    • increased metabolism
    • weight loss & improved posture
    • strengthen & increase bone density
    • improve energy levels
    • helps to focus and balance the mind
    Are you ready?

    How we will work together?

    Teaming up with Riptide in Hove Park – I offer sessions both indoors and out (weather dependent) for one on one training or as a buddy up session. Riptide is a fantastic space in a beautiful park. Together we will design a plan that will help you tone up & increase your energy levels, with the ultimate objective to make you feel fitter, stronger & more confident.

    Why work with me?

    I feel empowered when doing my own sessions and I want to share that feeling with you. Together we will create a programme that’s personal to you whether that is bodyweight, mobility, strength based or you are training for a goal such as an event or just to feel fitter & stronger.

    I love lifting and include Olympic Lifts regularly in my own sessions.

    Olympic Lifting is unique.  It can be used to help develop and improve the fitness of athletes that participate in most sports, from sprinters to rugby players. It’s because Olympic Lifts are beneficial in conditioning all athletes that I like to incorporate in to a client’s programme wherever possible, even if this is breaking down a move without the Olympic bar.