Benefits of personal training

    • improved flexibility
    • increased metabolism
    • weight loss & improved posture
    • strengthen & increase bone density
    • improve energy levels
    • helps to focus and balance the mind
    Are you ready?

    My qualifications

    I hold a personal training qualification from the National Academy of Sports Science (NASM) personal trainer and British Weightlifting Association as a level one Olympic Lifting coach plus Level 2 strength & conditioning – Kettlebells.

    What about me?

    I’ve always loved sports and fitness – in fact an early childhood memory was asking for a Get in Shape Girl for Christmas. I must have been about 8 years old and for those of you not old enough to know what I am talking about, just Google “Vintage 80s – Get in Shape Girl” for a good giggle.

    Reaching my teens, I played lots of sport including netball, hockey and athletics and was awarded with the Victrix Ludorum for sporting achievement. I just loved getting involved particularly when it came to team sports. My dream was to become a P.E. teacher and in my pursuit, I even had an interview with the Navy careers advisor!

    I left school and took a position as a marketing assistant and marketing is where I stayed until my early 30s. All this time I dreamt of doing something in fitness and then I realised it was now or never and qualified…